In Rwanda, a suspected serial killer has been arrested after more than 10 bodies were discovered in a pit in the kitchen of his home. As police and local media reported, the suspect met his victims – men and women – in bars and lured them to his apartment building on the outskirts of the capital Kigali. Accordingly, the 34-year-old took the victims’ phones and other items before strangling them and then burying them in the pit in his kitchen.

Most of the victims are said to be prostitutes. Rwandan media reported more than 10 dead bodies, a source from the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) told AFP news agency about 14 victims. The suspect was arrested in July on suspicion of rape and theft but was released on bail due to lack of evidence, a spokesman for the investigation bureau said.

As part of investigations, the bodies were discovered in the pit during a house search. According to the information, the perpetrator dissolved some victims in acid. He therefore preferred to select people without close relatives or friends so that no one would worry after their disappearance, it said.

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