The CDU and SPD still have some homework to do before the coalition negotiations begin on Thursday. According to both parties on Sunday, the so-called umbrella group should meet for the first time on Thursday. She is the core team of negotiators from both sides, which decisively decides what is finally agreed in which formulations and ends up in the coalition agreement. It is not yet known who the CDU and SPD belong to the umbrella group.

Usually, however, the top politicians of the negotiating parties are represented in the “Club of Decision Makers”, such as the state chairmen Kai Wegner (CDU) and Franziska Giffey and Raed Saleh (SPD). Putting together the working groups one level below is considered a puzzle game. During the coalition negotiations, they meet regularly, if necessary at the same time. This includes the experts for the respective topics from the two factions.

Around a dozen groups are planned to deal with individual topics such as internal security, transport, the economy, justice, education or climate protection. SPD state and parliamentary leader Saleh has announced that he himself will lead a working group on diversity. Both parties have also indicated that the issue of finance will dominate the talks for many reasons. CDU country chief Kai Wegner is stepping up the pace: He wants to be through with the negotiations in four weeks.

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