University medicine is to operate a small hospital in Bad Gandersheim in the future. The facility is to be set up in the building of the former, larger clinic operated by the operator Helios, as the Northeim district announced on Tuesday. The district council has now approved this plan. The Göttingen Unimedizin (UMG) should also finally approve the project by the end of March.

The plan is to set up a so-called regional health center. The clinic is intended to provide general medical care to patients who only need to be hospitalized for a short time. In addition to the new UMG hospital, which is scheduled to go into operation from October 2023, outpatient and specialist medical services are also planned. Other areas of the former Helios Clinic are to be rented out to nursing and other healthcare companies.

The so-called Bürger-Gesundheitspark Bad Gandersheim is to be managed by a central management company, which is to be supported by the UMG, the district and the city of Bad Gandersheim. The hospital in the care center is to be funded, among other things, by the federal program Statamed.