Hoshi, a 25-year-old singer, took to Twitter again. Hoshi denounces the harassment she is subject to on social media and the death threats she is constantly threatened with. This time she challenged Elisabeth Borne’s new government.

Since my song Amour Censure, it’s been over 2 years since I filed an official complaint regarding the homophobic threats and insults I received. Although I do my best to ignore the insults and threats of homophobic nature, I have been receiving them frequently. Justice is slow, very slow pic.twitter.com/ACxSQKuhrU

“I look good. I don’t know. Although I try to be strong, this is what I still get often. The singer says justice is slow, very slowly. A series of screenshots accompany the post, showing hate messages that she received from an unknown user on Instagram. “I live with the constant fear that one of them might act. Are you planning to act? “Ask the interpreter of” Your mariniere to Emmanuel Macron, whom she identified in her email.

Hoshi points out that the harassment she endured dates back to two years. It began in 2020 during her performance at the 35th Victoires de la Musique 2020. After performing “Amour censure”, in which she decried homophobia and the Manif pour tout in France, she sex with a dancer.