Morning pints on December 24th are part of the Christmas tradition for many families in Germany. Logical, because there is little better than having one last bratwurst for breakfast at the Christmas market on Christmas Eve before the first glass is raised in the freezing cold around 10 a.m. Connoisseurs know that this also makes the annual visit to church more bearable. In addition to its effect, beer is particularly impressive because of its taste. Alt, Export, Pilsner or the almost endless varieties of craft beer – one lifetime is hardly enough to drink your way through all the brewed delicacies. You can still try it and if you want to, you should shorten the waiting time until Christmas Eve with a beer advent calendar.

If you’d rather taste your way through Germany, Kalea’s Beer Advent Calendar 2023 is the one for you. No matter whether export, cellar beer, light beer or pilsner: the calendar contains 24 different beers from all over the country. Nice: Kalea’s beer advent calendar includes a glass. Perfect for everyone for whom enjoyment from the bottle is not elegant enough.

Experienced beer drinkers know that nothing beats a freshly tapped cold drink. Unfortunately, there is not yet a beer advent calendar with an integrated tap system on the market. Kalea offers 24 barrels of the little man. Hiss, clack and gone!

Bavarians are known for being very fond of their brew and their dialect, which takes some getting used to and which they are only too happy to use to annoy sensible people. It’s no wonder that their direct neighbors – or anyone else – are particularly fond of Bayern. To their great misfortune, the poor Franks live only a few kilometers away from the Bavarians. Of course, you can only tolerate this if you drink a lot of beer, because then you can usually understand the croaking of your neighbors better. But we don’t want to torture the fine Franconian palate with Bavarian beer at Christmas. The Advent calendar with beers from Franconia is particularly suitable for all of these.

In southern Germany, praising the Christmas tree at Christmas is a tradition. For every praise for a Christmas tree, no matter how small, crooked, crooked or actually beautiful, the host must give the praiser a short drink (usually a fruit schnapps). Of course, Bavarian beer tastes even better than Obstler. A small brewery is almost de rigueur for local pubs. Nowhere in Germany is the density of breweries as high as in Bavaria – and you can taste it too. If you want to try your way through the various Bavarian delicacies, you can start with the Bavarian Beer Advent Calendar. Although the 24 beers only represent a small part of the brewing tradition, everyone starts small.

The World Beer Awards calendar is suitable for beer drinkers who think a lot about themselves. Award-winning beers from all over the world are waiting for you to taste. The calendar includes a tasting glass for the 24, 0.33 liter bottles. Connoisseurs also appreciate the included booklet, which invites you to browse and explore the beers.

You’ll be more urbane with Brausturm’s craft beer calendar. Its beers come from Germany, Norway, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Belgium and the Netherlands. According to the manufacturer, this is ideal for anyone who wants to try beer off the beaten path. There are a total of 24 beers in 0.33 liter bottles in the calendar. Bottom up!

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