More and more people in Baden-Württemberg are being housed in emergency accommodation due to homelessness. In particular, the proportion of women and minors increased, as can be seen from a statement from the Ministry of Social Affairs on an application from Dorothea Kliche-Behnke and other SPD MPs.

The Ministry of Social Affairs referred to a survey by the Federal Statistical Office. According to this, around 32,000 people without housing in Baden-Württemberg were accommodated by municipalities or independent providers as of January 31st of this year. Last year there were around 18,000 people.

The proportion of women rose from around 39 percent in the previous year to around 46 percent. This is a cause for concern, they said. In addition, the proportion of hidden homelessness among women is high. An experience of violence is often the reason why women give up their apartment.

The ministry was unable to provide any information as to why the numbers are increasing. The Federal Statistical Office also recorded an increase across Germany to a good 372,000 people who had to be accommodated in emergency accommodation due to homelessness. Last year there were 178,000 as of the reporting date. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the increase is partly due to improved data reporting.

The Federal Statistical Office carries out statistics on the accommodation of homeless people every year as of January 31st. Every two years there is an accompanying report which, according to the Ministry of Social Affairs, also contains nationwide information on street homelessness and hidden homelessness. There is no data specifically for the southwest. According to the Ministry of Social Affairs, this will be changed in the next survey so that there will be further results on the situation in Baden-Württemberg.

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