Summer shows itself from its best side in many places. Sun, sand and the refreshing sea lure with him. Of course, the right toys should not be missing on the beach. Whether you are with family, friends or alone, the right beach toys will ensure unlimited fun and unforgettable moments. The star shows the hottest trends and classics that are conquering the beaches this season.

Frisbee is a classic beach toy that is enjoyed by both children and adults. Throw the frisbee to each other or play different games like frisbee golf. There is plenty of space on the beach to move freely. This enables long casts and long flight distances. You can either throw the frisbee directly over the water or play in the shallow water while catching and throwing it. That can provide an extra challenge and fun.

An inflatable ball that can be used for games like beach volleyball or just playing back and forth in the water is always fun. Beach volleyball is a popular pastime activity because it’s easy to learn and doesn’t require any special equipment. It’s a fun way to get some exercise on the beach or in the water while training coordination and responsiveness. Beach volleyball can be played by both children and adults and is a popular activity during beach vacations or summer leisure activities.

Buckets, shovels, sieves and molds are always a hit for building castles and creating creative sculptures in the sand. Both children and adults can let off steam playing in the sand. There are no limits to creativity, and there are many more ways to playfully explore and design the sand.

A waterproof ball that bounces and splashes in water is ideal for sea or pool games. Playing in the water can be refreshing and fun. Also, it allows players to be part of a team and make new friends. The social interaction and team spirit as well as the refreshing cooling off in the water contribute to the fun.

Beach tennis consists of a set of racquets and a ball and is played in a similar way to tennis, but without a net – perfect for an exciting game on the beach. Beach tennis is a fun sport that allows players to be active on the beach while utilizing their tennis skills. It is a popular pastime activity enjoyed by both novice and experienced players.

Another popular outdoor game is bocce ball. The main objective of the game is to get your own bocce ball as close as possible to a smaller jack called a “jack” or “pallino”. Players can throw, roll or slide their balls to place them as precisely as possible. This requires tactical skill, because you can also try to push the opponent’s bullets away from the target. However, the ground should be a bit firmer than a soft sandy beach, otherwise the balls will be difficult to roll.

A bubble gun or simply a container of soapy water to make giant bubbles can be fascinating for all ages. There are different types and models of bubble guns or machines on the market, varying in size, power and functionality. Some machines are battery operated, while others are plugged in. There are also manual bubble machines that use a crank or pump mechanism to create the bubbles. But the bubble gun is probably the simpler solution.

For those who like surfing or bodyboarding, these sports equipment are perfect for having fun in the water. Bodyboarding is a popular water sport activity practiced around the world on coasts and in wave pools. It is doable for people of all ages and experience levels as it is less technical than surfing a surfboard.

Strandkubb is a popular Scandinavian throwing game that involves throwing wooden sticks on the sand. It is easy to learn and suitable for all ages. Strandkubb, also known as Viking chess or kubbspiel, is a game played on the beach, park or other open space. It originally comes from Sweden, but has since gained popularity in other countries as well.

The course of Strandkubb is simple, but tactically demanding. Two teams compete against each other and try to hit the opposing team’s wooden blocks. The throwing sticks can either be thrown or rolled. The blocks must be set up again in the order in which they were hit, and only after knocking over all the opposing team’s blocks may you try to hit the king.

Comfortable beach mats or sun loungers are essential for relaxing and sunbathing on the beach. Use the beach mats for a relaxing yoga or stretching session on the beach.

Follow a yoga or stretching guide or try different exercises to relax and stretch your body.

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