A German tourist died on his first day of vacation in Mallorca. The police on the Spanish Mediterranean island said the 23-year-old died in a fall from the hotel on the night of Tuesday at the so-called Ballermann. It was said that it was a tragic accident. Investigations have been initiated. According to media reports, the young man fell from around twelve meters into the depths.

The German came back to the hotel on Playa de Palma from a party around 3 a.m. drunk, as regional media reported, citing eyewitnesses. Investigators believe he lost his key or left it in the room. That’s probably why he tried to climb over the facade onto the balcony of his room. He crashed in the process. The emergency services confirmed death at the scene of the accident.

In Mallorca, tourists often fall to their deaths from balconies. The phenomenon is known as balconing. Usually, the drunken holidaymakers have locked themselves out or are trying to jump from the balcony into the pool as a test of courage.

The party season started at the Ballermann at the end of April with the openings of the large discotheques Bierkönig and Megapark. By October, the stretch of beach on Mallorca will be transformed into a German party mile again.