Summer is challenging every year – and in the end, many feel they haven’t accomplished everything they set out to do before the dark season overtakes us.

But the wasps have been buzzing over the plum or plum cake for a long time, the garden, grill and sunglasses look worn out, the Bundesliga is up and running again, and there are no longer just repetitions on television. Fall comes. What was hot this summer or will stick as the theme of summer ’23? A dictionary of small talk:

A for non-alcoholic beer

It is becoming more and more popular – according to the Brauer-Bund, every tenth beer brewed in Germany will soon be alcohol-free. There are more and more varieties. Even the Corona beer brand, which literally lost its good name because of the virus of the same name, is now available alcohol-free as “Corona cero”.

B like Barbenheimer

Even before the theatrical release of the two films on the same day (July 20), the hype surrounding the blockbusters “Barbie” by Greta Gerwig and “Oppenheimer” by Christopher Nolan was huge. The contrast between the pink plastic world and the gloomy atomic bomb epic became the film phenomenon of the summer and a kind of comeback for going to the cinema.

C for cannabis

Joints are becoming legal within limits. The federal government hopes things will get better, but is also running the “Legal, but…” campaign. For example, it is explained: “Cannabis consumption increases the risk of psychoses – especially in children and adolescents.”

D for Screenwriters and Actors Strike in Hollywood

There hasn’t been such a layoff in America’s film industry for more than 60 years. Viewers will soon feel the delays in many productions.

E for espresso martini

Whether this alcoholic pick-me-up was the summer drink of the year or whether it was still gin and tonic, Wildberry Lillet, Aperol Spritz or Lillet Spritz, Campari Spritz or Limoncello Spritz: that was of course a matter of taste.

F for Freibadrandale

After there were new riots in the Neuk├Âlln Columbiabad in Berlin and also a fire letter from swimming pool employees, the politicized debate about safety in outdoor pools could also be relied on in 2023.

G for goofy

Langenscheidt-Verlag again named expressions that are available as youth words, including goofy (clumsy), slay (expression of admiration) and side eye (expression of contempt).

H for heat

July 2023 was hotter globally than any previously recorded month. All in all, this summer was a summer of extremes, confirming warnings from climate researchers.

I like Italy

Tuscany, Venice, Sardinia; tourism in Italy, a country of longing for Germans, was booming. As before the pandemic or even more so. The industry was expecting a record summer.

J was Jennifer Hermoso

After the World Cup victory, the star player was kissed on the mouth without being asked by the Spanish association president Luis Rubiales. The kiss scandal again revealed power relations in gender relations.

K like tie death

According to a Yougov survey commissioned by dpa, almost every fifth man in Germany finds a tie “never suitable”. In summer, the tie is particularly effective. Young men seem to prefer wearing chains around their necks anyway.

L like “lioness”

The case of an alleged escaped lioness in Kleinmachnow near Berlin caused a worldwide sensation in July. According to the authorities, the summer animal of the year was ultimately just a wild boar.

M for Mediterranean

Some have been discussing for some time whether it should be seen more as a mass grave than as a holiday paradise. Now, because of fires and extreme weather around the heated Mediterranean Sea, the thought arose as to whether it would soon become obsolete – at least as a summer holiday destination.

N for number one hit

The song “Komet” by Udo Lindenberg and Apache 207, which came out in January, blossomed this summer – at 21 weeks – into the longest-lasting title at the top of the German charts.

O like Otto

First he landed a number one hit with “Friesenjung” (together with Joost and Ski Aggu), then Otto Waalkes’ humor legacy was given a warning in the ARD media library because of discriminatory gags. That triggered a lot of people.

P like horse

“Girl on the horse” by the Bavarian DJ and producer duo Luca-Dante Spadafora/Niklas Dee was voted Germany’s official summer hit – it was sung by Octavian. The song is the techno remake of an almost ten-year-old “Bibi and Tina” film song penned by the Rosenstolz team. Speaking of “P”: For some, the summer catchy tune was “Padam Padam” by Kylie Minogue.

Q like nonsense trend

On Tiktok, where everyday and completely unspectacular things are often celebrated as a trend, dinner or a cold snack with bread, cheese, sausage, vegetables was suddenly called “Girl Dinner”. There was criticism

R as in restaurant deaths

Even well-known restaurants such as the “Bristol Grill” on Berlin’s Ku’damm are simply closed after 70 years – Harald Juhnke liked to stop off at the former “Kempinski Grill”. In addition, increased costs for food, staff, electricity, and from January the VAT of 19 (instead of 7) percent on food in the catering trade are causing many to give up. That changes a lot of places.

S for siesta debate

Being productive in the morning and having a siesta in the afternoon – this concept, at least in the summer months, has been a hot topic after medical officers encouraged such a culture change in the face of high temperatures.

T for dryness

It rains too little or if it does, it rains the wrong way – i.e. too heavy and not sustainable. Many soils remain too dry. This seems to be leading to a new understanding of what “fine weather” is for many. In short, rain meets with more joy these days.

U like subway shirt

Under the hashtag

V like full animal shelters

The facilities were rarely as close to the limit as they are now. In addition to the usual summer phenomenon of giving up animals for vacation, there was the end of the pet boom after the Corona pandemic and the fact that the costs for feed, energy or even veterinary practice have become too high for many.

W like Wacken and Wagner

The metal open air festival in Wacken attracted attention this time due to constant rain with muddy terrain, traffic jams and admission stops. The Bayreuth Festival, on the other hand, attracted attention with the previously unusual fact that tickets were still available.

XY like “File drawing XY… unresolved”

Regina Schilling worked on the trauma of older Germans through this frightening ZDF program in the archive material and zeitgeist documentary “This program is not a game – The uncanny world of Eduard Zimmermann” for ZDF.

Z for twenties

Do our 20s resemble the 1920s? Some think so in the face of a heated atmosphere right versus left and vice versa. Hape Kerkeling said on “Maybrit Illner” on ZDF: “I sometimes have the feeling – I’m not a historian – but that we live in a time similar to the Weimar Republic.”