The French have many new surprises in June. Many of these changes concern banking products, such as life insurance or PER (retirement saving plan), and borrower insurance. Other concerns concern purchasing power. The continuation of the tariff shield, whose goal is to stop energy prices from rising, can be seen with the head of the bow. It must end on June 30, 2017. “Sud Ouest” takes stock of the changes in June.

The tariff shield on electricity prices is kept in effect until June. Bruno Le Maire stated that there will be no catch up in 2023. “There will be no catch up in 2023 on electricity bills linked to this continuation tariff shield. No one will pay the bill.”

Jean Castex, the former Prime Minister of France, announced this measure in September 2021. It allows for prices to be frozen on electricity and gas over time. This device will allow electricity prices to rise to 4% instead of 44.5% as calculated by the Energy Regulation Commission.

The measure is effective as of June 1 and requires that banks and insurers display on their websites a table listing the management fees applicable to each life insurance policy or PER (Retirement Savings Plan). Bruno Le Maire has created a revolution in an often confusing environment. This will be accompanied on July 1st by the total cost of each unit of account and each asset.

Many senior high school students associate June with orientation. Future students who have the baccalaureate in hand will need to check their admission phase between June 2 and 15. Do not panic. If you are denied or have a lengthy file, the additional admissions phase will be available from June 23 to September 16, 2022.

The ceiling on restaurant tickets is listed in a different register. The government doubled it during the health crisis to help restaurateurs and encourage French people to go back to the kitchen. This will be lifted on June 30. It is still possible to use your meal coupons during the week, and weekends, but only within a limit of 38 euro. The ceiling will be reduced to 19 euro after that.

The family record book now contains extracts from civil records as well as information related to civil status and family laws. These modifications reflect the new provisions regarding Medically Assisted Procreation, the reform of Adoption, and the identity of deceased children. The Public Service website explains. It also allows you register the death certificate for an adult child. The new booklet adapts to the most recent regulations regarding the change of name. This is simplified for names resulting from filiation.

People with cancer that had been cured previously had many problems getting a mortgage. This law has been amended to allow former patients with hepatitis C or cancer to get the same conditions as other borrowers, five years after they have recovered. The law was promulgated February 28, 2022. It also abolishes the medical questionnaire for loans less than 200,000 euro.

It will be possible to do this at any time starting in June. This applies to new loans and contracts that are in progress as of September 1, 2022.

Access to a bank account can be done in a simplified manner. If a person asks for a bank account, but does not get a response within 15 days, he can contact the Banque de France. The bank will designate a local establishment for the applicant.

After a two-month extension, the winter break will end on June 1. The rental eviction process can be resumed. According to the Abbe Pierre Foundation 30,000 households could be removed from their homes.