Heavy rain led to hundreds of police and fire brigade operations in Nuremberg in the evening. A police spokesman reported in the evening that many basements and underground car parks had filled up, cars had stopped in the water in underpasses and inmates had been trapped.

A fire department spokesman added that the people could have freed themselves through the windows of the cars.

Even a tram could not continue in an underpass because of the water masses, as reported by the fire brigade. There was also a partial power outage in the city because transformer stations failed.

Thunderstorm cell over Nuremberg city center

According to the fire brigade, a thunderstorm cell had formed above all in downtown Nuremberg. The old town and the inner-city part of Steinbühl were particularly affected by the flooding. The fire brigade had not received any reports of personal injury until the evening.

During the storm, the fire brigade and police received countless emergency calls. After 8 p.m., the number had decreased, the police said.

The German Weather Service had warned of storms in Swabia, Upper Bavaria and Middle Franconia until late at night. There were also disruptions to rail traffic due to storm damage. The route between Georgensgmünd and Pleinfeld and Gunzenhausen had to be closed.