According to the Marseille prosecutor’s Office, the parent of students who sustained serious injuries in an attack with a Swiss blade in front of Marseille school on May 10, died from his injuries. This information was confirmed by the weekly ” Point”.

Alban Gervaise (radiologist at @HopitalLaveran Military Hospital), was stabbed to death in front of his children’s school on May 11.

In a Friday press release, the Minister of the Armed Forces stated that he had “sincere condolences” for the family of Alban Gervaise (a radiology specialist military doctor) in a statement.

“I am deeply saddened to learn about his death. We offer our condolences and thoughts to his loved ones and family.

A young man in his 20s shot the father of a 40-year-old child in his chest and throat as he collected his oldest children, aged 3 years and 7, from school. According to “Le Figaro”, the attacker had dealt Alban Gervaise a dozen blows. Witnesses who were present at the attack on Alban Gervaise’s Catholic school had subdued him while they waited for the police to intervene. They had already arrested him.

The attacker, who is French by birth, would have claimed before investigators that he had acted “in God’s name”. He also allegedly called himself “the devil”. After a thorough search of his house, the investigators ruled out the terrorist hypothesis. The investigators found no evidence of religious radicalization and the 23-year old appears to have psychiatric disorders. “Le Figaro,” referred to statements made by the attacker’s parents to investigators.

The attacker was indicted and sentenced for “attempted voluntary murder” This death should make this charge “intentional murder”.