The National Police has neutralized an explosive device found under the bed of a room in a building in the palm town of Velhoco. Its owners, heirs to it, found it cleaning.

The house, a country estate, had not been used for nearly fifty years and had been the property of the mother of the current owners, who approached it to clean it up so that it could be used again. It was then that, while cleaning, they located an 88.9-millimeter military-type anti-tank rocket under the bed.

Immediately afterwards, they left the house, locked it, changing the bowler hat, and reported this unlikely finding to the National Police. The agents then implemented the established protocol and informed the members of the TEDAX-NRBQ, responsible, among other things, for the deactivation of explosives.

The specialized teams went to the place, inspected the device and determined that it was not dangerous, which allowed it to be transferred to the El Fuerte military base, in BreƱa Baja, where it was detonated in a controlled manner.