During a search for the distribution of right-wing extremist images, investigators in Hamburg discovered an arsenal of weapons. Dozens of weapons and ammunition and over a hundred knives were confiscated, the police in the Hanseatic city announced on Friday. According to this, the 51-year-old suspect is said to have published iconic pictures of Adolf Hitler in a chat group in 2020.

In the course of the investigation, the officers found out that the man is said to have around 40 handguns and long guns as well as ammunition. For these reasons, they moved to a search on Thursday. They were supported by employees of the Weapons Office, who were supposed to check that the weapons were being stored correctly.

The 51-year-old was not at home, but in his absence the officers discovered a large number of other alarm guns, over a hundred knives and daggers, a crossbow and more than ten thousand rounds of ammunition in addition to the legal weapons. They also found four apparently non-detonable hand grenades and several magazines from an automatic rifle.

Some of the weapon and ammunition parts were lying around openly in the rooms of the apartment. Some time later, the 51-year-old was provisionally arrested in Pinneberg in Schleswig-Holstein. However, he was released a little later because there were no grounds for detention against him.

He is now being investigated for numerous allegations, including suspected use of license plates from unconstitutional organizations and violations of the War Weapons Control Act. The Weapons Authority revoked his gun license and banned him from further possession of guns and ammunition.