In Hamburg-Winterhude there was a fire in the attic of a city villa. Callers saw smoke from the roof of the three-storey house late Wednesday evening and dialed the emergency call, said a spokesman for the fire department on Thursday night. Due to the winds in the evening, the fire had spread quickly in the roof structure of the building and the strong gusts of wind also made it difficult for the emergency services to extinguish the fire. Initially, the fire department had assumed that one person could still be in the house. However, this man reported to the emergency services a little later.

According to the fire brigade, around 100 men and women fought the flames. By using two turntable ladders and extinguishing the fire from inside and outside, it was possible to prevent the flames from spreading to neighboring houses. The operation ended after seven hours.

Because there was a lot of smoke during the extinguishing work, the fire brigade asked residents in the evening to keep windows and doors closed. The cause of the fire was still unclear, according to the police.

Notice from the fire department