The Hamburg police arrested a 37-year-old early Monday morning who is said to have killed his hundred-year-old grandmother.

According to the investigators, the grandson himself called the police and confessed to his crime over the phone. Emergency services then rushed with several patrol cars to the elderly woman’s mezzanine apartment in the Stellingen district in the north-west of the Hanseatic city.

There they arrested the 37-year-old, who is said to have offered no resistance. On site, officers also discovered the elderly woman’s lifeless body. According to initial findings, she was killed by “considerable violence against the body,” the police said on Monday. She did not give any further details. A possible motive for the crime is also not known. The woman’s body was to be examined at the Institute for Forensic Medicine.

The murder commission of the Hamburg State Criminal Police Office and the public prosecutor’s office have started investigations into the background and course of the crime. The suspected grandson is expected to appear before the magistrate later today.

Another person fell victim to a homicide in the Hanseatic city over the weekend. A previously unidentified man was attacked in front of a residential accommodation in the Schnelsen district and succumbed to his serious injuries on Sunday morning. Police arrested a 35-year-old suspect. In this case, too, the homicide detective is investigating.

Sources: Hamburg police (1), Hamburg police (2), DPA news agency.