A young woman has been shot dead in upstate New York after accidentally driving her car into someone else’s driveway. According to the police, the 20-year-old was driving with three friends in a rural area near the town of Hebron on Saturday evening and was looking for a friend’s house.

As the responsible sheriff Jeffrey Murphy said on Monday (local time), the young people got lost and quickly realized that they had chosen the wrong driveway. At that moment, a man came out of the house and fired two shots at the car. The woman was fatally injured as a result.

The alleged perpetrator, a 65-year-old, was arrested and now has to answer for manslaughter, among other things, said Murphy. “This is a very sad case.”

Murphy told CNN on Tuesday that the man had not cooperated with police and had shown no remorse. “He was not threatened in any way,” the police officer said. The group did not interact with the resident and was about to drive away. It is a senseless tragedy.

Tragedy also in Kansas City

Just recently, a similar case in the US state of Missouri had caused horror: there, a teenager was shot and injured by a homeowner after he got the wrong way through the front door. According to US media, the 16-year-old wanted to pick up his siblings in Kansas City, but accidentally rang the wrong doorbell. The homeowner then shot the black youth. The boy survived. The alleged perpetrator was charged with aggravated assault.

The United States has long faced levels of gun violence that are difficult to comprehend.