Lac de Guiche hosted the first ever triathlon on Saturday. This was a new format competition that featured a race in pairs, over two events and a time trial. The two races were contested by 30 teams of runners, each with two runners. They covered 900m swimming, 20km cycling, and 5 km on foot.

“The public enjoyed the show, as they came to enjoy the lake. “There were many people. They enjoyed the start to the time trial. The riders were jumping into the water from the slide,” stated Stephan Segoviano of Anglet France, team organizer.

One team caused a stir: The Loree family, father and son, who had participated in the world championships in Hawaii. But the duo discovered two 25-year olds to help them. Mathis LIdos, Adrien Cornu, and Pessac triathletes were the winners of the morning, before they proved their dominance in the afternoon in the exercise clock.

Frederic Loree with his son Jordan finished 2nd, just beating the Holzerny/Jouve tandem by a few seconds.