Pep Guardiola does not hide and has responded harshly to the criticism received after losing in the semifinals of the Champions League against Real Madrid. Among the most forceful in his statements were players like Patrice Evra, who accused the citizen locker room of lacking character and assured that the Catalan coach “cannot train people with personality”. “He is the leader. He did it at Barcelona, ​​he builds his team to control everyone, ”he asserted.

Some demonstrations that have not gone down well in Manchester and that Guardiola himself has taken it upon himself to refute harshly, taking advantage of the press conference prior to this weekend’s match. Santpedor’s coach reminded the former French international of the painful qualifying rounds he experienced as a Manchester United player, falling to Barcelona.

“We have the same personality as the one we lost against Madrid in the last two or three minutes. The specialists, former players like Bervatov, Seedorf, Patrice Evra… who were there and I played against them. I didn’t see this kind of personality when I played against them and we tore them apart in the Champions League final against United.”

“It’s the same character and personality, you don’t lose it by conceding two goals in a minute when we had two chances to score. In the last four games we scored 22 goals and we had an incredible personality, not anymore, ”said the Manchester City manager.