On May 17, coinciding with ‘Internet Day’, the Gala of the XXVII Edition of the Internet Awards took place. An event launched in 1996 by the Internet Users Association, since its creation it has recognized those initiatives, people or organizations that have stood out the most in the proper use of the Internet and new technologies.

The Fundación Telefónica Space Auditorium in Madrid became the venue for a very special event, in which the names of the winners were gradually revealed, and in which Grupo Pādel Nuestro played a very prominent role.

Finalist in the ‘Digital Transformation – On-Line Stores’ category, “the trust generated in users by our work, by the desire to improve daily by a great team of professionals, as well as by the commitment to a technological and advanced environment , in which omnichannel and loyalty play a very prominent role, helped us to win this important award for the first time in our history”, they highlight from the company.

«Padel is no longer a fashion. It is an unstoppable phenomenon that has come to stay, which is becoming more widespread in all corners of the planet and which, on a daily basis, shows us that it has no barriers or borders, “they explain from Padel Nuestro. «With a volume of practitioners that does not stop growing, our ability to adapt to the digital environment has led us to have more than half a million customers all over the world, thanks to which we have established ourselves as the leading company in the distribution of sports material for the practice of this wonderful sport”, they add.

Verónica Ordóñez Morales de Rada, Director of Digital and Operational Transformation of Grupo Padel Nuestro, highlighted: «This is a very important milestone for our company. In recent months we have launched an ambitious Digital Transformation project, in which we are still immersed and which will lead us to make an unprecedented leap in quality in the world of paddle tennis. We are happy to see that our work does not go unnoticed and this is demonstrated by the achievement of this Award… But we know that the best is yet to come».