Although it was difficult because there was a level to the contest, Decortoan Joven Short Film Contest Fundacion Caja Rural de Jaen has finally produced winners. Tomorrow, June 2, at 8:00 pm in Plaza Dean Mazas will be the awards ceremony. The first prize of the contest, Caja Rural De Jaen Foundation Prize For the Best Short Film, was awarded to “Herencia”, whose author Gemma Capdevila Barbe is a native Lleida teacher, screenwriter, and film director.

The Fundacion Caja Rural de Jaen awarded 500 and a trophy to the short film Totem Loba’ by Veronica Echegui, a prize for equality between men and women.

A special mention was also given by the jury, based on the outstanding works of the films, to the short film titled ‘Crudo’ by Rafael Martinez Calle, a Cordovan filmmaker, and which is a master’s thesis at the EFTI (International Center of Photography and Cinema).

The UNED Prize for promising local short films, which is endowed with 250 euro and a trophy for the film Lacrime Rosso Sangue’ was presented by Claudia Gomez Cruz (a Jaen native who also shares the direction with Natalia Ortega and Veronica Velasco). The Dean Plaza Bar Award for local short films, which is endowed with 250 euro and a trophy for the film The treasure map’. Its director is Antonio Cabello Ruiz Burruecos of Jaen.

Alfonso Villanueva Garcia, a Jaen-born filmmaker, presented the Fundacion Caja Rural de Jaen Award to the best local short film. He was endowed with 500 and an award for the film “Carmela”.

Rafael Rus Lillo, a journalist from Jaen in 1969, was awarded the honorary award for his outstanding contribution to the city’s audiovisual scene during his career.