Jacqueline Dubois, who failed to be invested by the Republic of the Move (LREM), in the fourth constituency the Dordogne for June 12 and 19, can paradoxically rely on the support of former walkers to run again for a second mandate as a parliamentary candidate.

Saturday morning, May 29, at 9:45 am, the former spokesperson for the government and current Minister of Public Accounts, posted on her Facebook page a note of encouragement from Gabriel Attal. Gabriel Attal writes, “Jacqueline Dubois, an ardent defender for the Dordogne,” before praising the “revaluation” of agricultural retirement pensions, “inclusive schools, the Sport pass, or any devices meant for early childhood and families”.

This support message could be the beginning of a long line. Stanislas Guerini was the general delegate to LREM and promised Jacqueline Dubois support from several government officials after Jerome Peyrat withdrew his candidacy. The chairman of the commission on cultural affairs and education is a former minister of interior, or former prime minister. LREM can find a way to self-repair after the Peyrat snub without having to deny it. The controversy ended when the majority of the presidential candidates stated that they would not invest in Sarladais.