Sore thighs are not just a question of weight or gender: even (normally) slim women and men can get chafed insides if they constantly touch each other while walking. This is not a cosmetic problem, as the chafed areas can quickly become infected if you don’t do anything about it. To prevent this from happening in the first place, there are a few simple tricks that can be used, especially on warm days or during exercise, if you regularly suffer from sore thighs. What these are and how best to treat the chafed areas is explained here.

1. Bodyglide: The idea behind this “anti-chafing” product (“chafing” means “chafing”) comes from high-performance sports: triathletes, racing cyclists or marathon runners often suffer from chafed skin due to the long distances they have to cover . In order to protect the stressed areas, the Bodyglide was invented for men and women. It’s waterproof, so it stays on your body even when you sweat heavily – making it ideal for skin irritations like sore thighs.

2. Cycling shorts: Many women wear skirts or dresses more often in the summer. The protective material of long trousers, which normally protects your bare thighs from chafing, is no longer necessary. However, to avoid sore thighs, you can use a simple trick: simply wear comfortable cycling shorts (also available with lace) under your clothing to minimize friction. There are also extra short models that are not visible even under a tight skirt or dress.

3. Bandelettes: If classic cycling shorts are too warm for you (although this is always a question of the right material), you can also use a practical alternative: so-called thigh bands, also known as bandelettes. They are significantly airier than cyclists and are reminiscent of hold-ups. Here, too, the extra wide lace applications literally stick to the skin of the thigh using thin silicone strips on the underside, so that it can no longer be chafed when walking.

4. Vaseline

5. Deodorant: Another tool that all women and men have at home is a deodorant: the active ingredients it contains can not only prevent heavy sweating (and the associated body fumes), but also sore thighs. So-called deodorant sticks with a creamy core are best suited for this. Simply rub it over the areas that get sore more quickly – the protective layer ensures that friction is minimized. Depending on how much you sweat, the effect will last shorter or longer.

If your thighs are already sore, you should carefully clean the affected areas with a pH-neutral soap and a little water to prevent the skin from becoming inflamed. Then dry your legs carefully with a towel – ideally with dabbing movements. You can then apply a wound protection ointment to your skin to support the healing process. Alternatively, you can brew chamomile tea and make a poultice to soothe the thighs and relieve pain.

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