It’s a female: About a year after the birth of the baby sloth at Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich, the sex has now been determined. The Hellabrunn Zoo said it could not be determined from the outside whether it was male or female, but only by taking a hair sample. This could now be taken and analyzed on the first solo outings of “Wyona”. During and after the five-month breastfeeding period, the mother shielded her offspring too much.

“Mother and child have been inseparable in the truest sense of the word, which is always a very good sign for us,” said Rasem Baban, board member and zoo director. The one-year-old female is the third child of the parents “Maya” and “Heinz”. The animals are representatives of the two-toed sloths, a suborder of sloths. Visitors can find “Wyona” and her parents in the sloth tree in the rhino house. According to the zoo, the best times to visit are in the morning and late afternoon.

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