Like every year, the Formula 1 paddock is moving to the Principality to race the most anticipated Grand Prix on the calendar. For the last time ? Under contract with Liberty Media (F1 promoter) until 2022, the Monaco Grand Prix, hailed for its charm and uniqueness, has still not renewed for next season.

“There is a small negotiation to be had, but I am very confident”, confides to L’Equipe SAS Prince Albert II of Monaco, who has planned to meet the American promoters during the race weekend in the Principality. . A weekend already shortened by one day, since the tests will now start on Friday, against Thursday as it was traditional in Monaco before.

Times are changing, and Monte-Carlo is no longer so indisputable. The fault in particular with the tough competition of the countries of the gulf (Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates) but also with destinations which want all as glamorous, like Miami then Las Vegas from next year.

If Prince Albert II doubts an announcement with great fanfare at the end of the week, he nevertheless remains confident about the outcome of the negotiations, which he will lead with the Automobile Club of Monaco, which manages the interests of the circuit. “F1 officials have repeated quite often that they cannot imagine a season without the Monaco GP, notes the person concerned. I don’t think they go back on that feeling. Now, there are always accommodations to consider. When faced with a new contract, it is normal to negotiate. (…) I think F1 needs Monaco. I don’t want to sound presumptuous in expressing myself like this, because it is equally true that Monaco also needs F1. In any case, it is in the interest of all parties to see Monaco continue to be this exceptional showcase not only of motorsport in general but also of F1 in particular.