After a partly autumnal start to September, late summer should prevail by the end of the week.

According to the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach, longer sunshine and temperatures of up to 30 degrees are expected in many places on Sunday. “It is currently difficult to say how long late summer will last over Germany, as the uncertainties will increase sharply from Monday,” said meteorologist Lars Kirchhübel. “But there is definitely potential for a late summer first week of September.”

The forecasts in detail: On Friday the sky over the middle of the country will be cloudy and rainy. In the west there can be heavy precipitation in some areas. In the north and north-east as well as south of the Danube, on the other hand, it will be cloudy and hardly any showers are expected. In the southwest of Baden-Württemberg it stays sunny for longer. The temperatures climb to 20 to 26 degrees, it stays cooler at the North Sea and with persistent rain. There will also be a weak westerly to south-westerly wind.

Up to 30 degrees at the weekend

On Saturday it will be variable or partly cloudy north of the Moselle and Main. The DWD expects rain showers and local thunderstorms, especially from North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate via the south of Lower Saxony and Hesse to Saxony and north-eastern Bavaria. In the south and by the sea, on the other hand, it should be sunny and dry. There may be isolated showers in the Alps during the course of the day. In the southern half, the maximum values ​​reach warm summer temperatures of 24 to 29 degrees, otherwise 20 to 25 degrees are expected.

“From Sunday, however, a high-pressure zone can spread eastward from the Atlantic across other parts of the country to Eastern Europe. At the same time, the air from higher altitudes sinks to the ground and dries up,” says meteorologist Kirchhübel. “Accordingly, the clouds give way to the sunshine, which also pushes the temperatures up again.” According to the forecasts, it is only cloudy in the north-east and south-east of Bavaria and showers are expected from Saxony to the eastern edge of the Alps. Otherwise the sun often shines from the north-east to the south-west with maximum values ​​of 20 to 30 degrees.