After April weather at the weekend, things will be friendlier again in large parts of Germany at the start of the week. For the end of the week, the German Weather Service in Offenbach is predicting showers, sleet, thunderstorms, squalls and occasional snow.

On Sunday it will be variable to very cloudy with showers and also short thunderstorms, the meteorologists announced on Saturday. There could also be snow showers in the higher mountains. The temperatures are between five and ten degrees. There could be squalls on the North Sea and in ridges and summits. Longer-lasting snowfall is possible in the Erzgebirge from 500 meters and on the edge of the Alps.

Monday will be friendlier in many parts of the country and temperatures will also rise again. There are still showers, especially in the northeast half. In the south and southwest it will be cloudy with sunny spells and it will remain dry. The maximum values ​​are between seven and twelve degrees, in the southwest and west it will be a little warmer at 14 degrees.

It will be mostly rain-free on Tuesday. In the north and west it is mostly cloudy, otherwise there could also be longer sunny periods. The maximum values ​​are then nine degrees on the coast and up to 16 degrees in the southwest.