A small argument between national soccer player Leroy Sané from FC Bayern and Augsburg’s Mads Pedersen during the half-time break of the Bundesliga game was taken up in a relaxed manner by players and those responsible. “There’s nothing between me and Sané. We’re just two players who want to play football and want to win. We laugh about it afterwards. There’s nothing personal between us,” said Pedersen himself after the final whistle on Sunday.

The Dane and Sané had clashed a bit when going into the dressing room. On the lawn, the two players repeatedly met in a direct duel in the 3-1 win for Munich. “It’s just football and it can happen when the temperature in the game is high. I know how much quality he has. You just have to use your body against him and sometimes block him. Maybe we’ll meet up in Munich and have a chat bit. There’s always a bit of trash talk,” said Pedersen.

Sané’s teammate Leon Goretzka reported that the offensive player was “well on fire” when he came into the cabin. “Of course he mustn’t let himself be carried away to any stupidity,” said Goretzka about a nudge. “It’s not the end of the world. Leroy has to put up with a lot on the pitch, he’s actually put through the wringer in every game.”

Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel also said quite calmly about the scene after the first half: “It’s still in the green.”

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