Not every personal record is important for Bayern star Thomas Müller. “We can also collect statistics that I’ve already worn the same underpants 420 times,” joked the Munich soccer professional on Saturday after the Bundesliga leaders’ 2-1 win at VfB Stuttgart. Among other things, Müller was referring to the counting of his bets.

On the other hand, he is happy about the career mark of 300 goals in the Bundesliga, which he reached on Saturday in Stuttgart. “When you get older and have been around for a long time, the anniversaries naturally come bit by bit. That makes me happy and happy,” said the 33-year-old on Sky.

Müller has scored 141 goals in the league, the assist to the 2-0 draw in Stuttgart was his 159th assist. After his former Munich colleague Robert Lewandowski, he is the second player who, according to the data service provider Opta, has this mark since the start of the detailed data collection reached in 2004. During this time, Lewandowski scored 367 goals in the Bundesliga.

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