Unusual guest at “Disney World”: A black bear was spotted on Monday in the theme park of the same name near Orlando in the US state of Florida. Parts of the park were then temporarily closed. These include the “Haunted Mansion” ghost train and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme ride.

Biologists and employees of an animal protection agency later captured the animal, as the New York Times and other US media reported. It was taken to an area in or on the Ocala National Forest northwest of Orlando and had previously been anesthetized, US media reported.

The adult female bear was spotted in a tree in the “Magic Kingdom” area. Helicopter footage shows several emergency services carrying something large in a white tarpaulin from the park area early Monday afternoon, NBC reported. It is probably the bear.

“In the fall, bears are more active in foraging to build up fat reserves for the winter,” Lisa Thompson told the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. So this bear probably came to the park in search of food, she added. According to the authority, bears are already building up fat reserves for the winter and therefore eat around 20,000 calories a day.