At least five people were killed in a serious coach accident on the A9 near Leipzig. The police announced this upon request. There were also numerous injuries in the accident on Wednesday. The situation was initially very confusing.

According to initial findings, the double-decker bus drove into the bushes for an unknown reason on a straight route between the Wiedemar junction and the Schkeuditzer Kreuz and fell onto its side. Several rescue helicopters and numerous ambulances are in use. Motorists were asked to keep an emergency lane clear. It was initially unclear when the bus from the provider Flixbus would be recovered. According to the police, the lane to Berlin should be reopened in the early afternoon, the route to Munich will remain closed for the time being.

With the help of belts, the bus was uprighted at midday so that other passengers could be rescued. The event was fenced off by mobile privacy walls.

The crashed coach was traveling for the provider Flixbus. The company was severely affected. “Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this accident and their families,” said a spokesman for the company on Wednesday when asked.

The long-distance bus was on the way from Berlin to Zurich in the morning. According to Flixbus, there were 53 passengers and two drivers on board. We are working closely with the local authorities and the rescue workers on site and every effort is being made to clarify the cause of the accident quickly and completely. According to the police, the driver of the crashed coach is not among the fatalities. Details about his health status were not given. The police have set up a hotline for information and relatives:

Hospitals in the area were preparing for a large-scale operation. The emergency room has been alerted and operating rooms and diagnostic rooms are being prepared and available, said a spokesman for the Diakonissen Hospital in Leipzig upon request. In addition, the control center has been informed about the capacities it has for admitting patients.

The Schkeuditzer Kreuz is located at Leipzig/Halle Airport. The A9 is an important north-south highway connecting Berlin and Munich.

Saxony’s Transport Minister Martin Dulig was dismayed. “My thoughts are with the relatives of the victims and injured people. I would like to thank the many emergency services on site who provided quick help,” said the SPD politician on Wednesday.

In 2019 there was a serious bus accident on the A9 near Bad Dürrenberg in Saxony-Anhalt. A woman died and several people were injured. In December 2023, a coach crashed on the A9 near Leipzig, leaving several people injured.

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