My friend is the big exception. Instead of looking for financial advice on the Internet or from friends, he asks me: “What should I do with my money? As a Swabian, you can handle it.” For many couples it’s the other way around: women usually ask their family and partner for financial tips, while men tend to turn to the Internet or friends. This is what Mannheim finance professor Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi researched. So I’m happy that my friend is reaching out to me. It’s a gift that he does it because I’m Swabian and not because I deal with finances almost every day. In any case, his competence in financial matters is rather manageable, but his awkwardness is all the more entertaining. In the meantime, he has created a stock portfolio with my guidance, and he is also interested in fixed-term deposits since interest rates are starting to pay appreciable amounts again. Still, he keeps making mistakes.

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