Who killed Sonja Engelbrecht? The Munich police are still dealing with this question after almost 28 years. The then 19-year-old disappeared without a trace on April 10, 1995 after meeting friends. In 2020 and 2022, her bones were discovered in a forest area near Kipfenberg in the Upper Bavarian district of Eichstätt. Police suspect she was the victim of a sex crime and that she was killed the night she disappeared and her naked body was hidden wrapped in garbage bags and tarps.

The young woman’s body was wrapped in a blanket 2 meters long and 1.45 wide, the remains of which were also found. On the March 1 special of “Aktenzeichen XY…Cold Cases,” police reached out to viewers and asked for information about the case. With success.

Thanks to many callers, investigators were able to find out what the blanket – a blue and black reversible blanket with a plant motif – used to look like and even received a comparison example.

In order to get more information, the case will be discussed again on Wednesday (March 22, 8:15 p.m.) in the “Aktenzeichen XY” program.

Sonja Engelbrecht’s body was packed in garbage bags and tarps. Analysis of these revealed that they had previously been used in construction or renovation work. The investigators therefore suspect that the perpetrator either renovated or built privately in 1995 or was also professionally active in this area. The police are therefore looking for people who have information about people from the Kipfenberg area who carried out construction or renovation work in 1994 and 1995. A reward of 10,000 euros is being offered for information leading to the clarification of the crime against Sonja Engelbrecht.

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Sources: Police Bavaria, ZDF