Alberto Núñez Feijóo is already a senator. The president of the Popular Party has promised to abide by and respect the Constitution, at the beginning of the Plenary Session of the Senate, before a copy of the Magna Carta, and with the president of the Chamber, Ander Gil, as master of ceremonies. In this way, Feijóo completes the complete transition that began when he presented his candidacy for the national presidency of the PP, continued with his election, his resignation as president of the Xunta, his replacement at the head of the Galician PP and now, finally, with his act as a senator.

The first face-to-face debate between Feijóo and Sánchez is scheduled to take place on June 7, in the next control session in the Senate.

The established thing is that the president of the Government goes to the Upper House once a month to answer the questions of the senators, but in reality it is that Sánchez does not usually fulfill that commitment, and basically he goes when he thinks it is appropriate.

Feijóo has arrived at the Plaza de la Marina Española at a quarter to nine. At the door of the Palace, the spokesman, Javier Maroto, as well as José Antonio Monago and Pío García-Escudero were waiting for him. The first thing he has done has been to go to the registry, to deliver the papers that qualify him as a senator, after being appointed yesterday by the Galician Parliament.

The president of the PP will have his own noble office in the old Palace. The fourth secretary, of the PP, has given it to him, for being head of the opposition. In this way, Maroto maintains his office as parliamentary spokesman.

Upon entering the chamber, a few minutes before nine o’clock, the PP senators received him with a standing ovation. Feijóo, who has been on the verge of making a mistake and placing himself in the first row, the one reserved for the Government, has occupied his seat as leader of the opposition and has promised the Constitution.

Right after, the Deputy Secretary of Organization of the PP, Miguel Tellado, former Secretary General of the Galician PP, has also taken possession of his seat and has sworn to comply with and respect the Constitution. Like Feijóo, Tellado was appointed regional senator yesterday, Tuesday, in the Galician regional Parliament.