Depending on when the grape harvest begins in this country, the fresh Federweißer ends up on the shelves of many supermarket chains between the beginning of September and the end of October (the period can vary). The drink, also known as the “new wine”, is served in many places together with onion cake, which is reminiscent of a tarte flambée due to its main ingredients – namely onions, sour cream and bacon. The difference, however, is in the preparation: this article explains step by step how you can easily imitate the traditional dish without yeast at home.

Unlike the Alsatian tarte flambée, which is only topped with raw onions, the traditional onion tart only contains steamed onions. The dough can be prepared with leavening agents to make it nice and thick and fluffy – but also extremely filling. The somewhat “lighter” variant is therefore an onion cake without yeast. How to make the dish in no time is explained step by step in the following instructions for a springform pan.

For the dough you will need these ingredients:


Put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and knead them together until you get a homogeneous mass. When preparing shortcrust pastry, it is important that you only knead it briefly (with your hands) so that it remains “crumbly” and does not become too elastic, such as pizza dough or strudel dough. Then form a ball out of the dough, wrap it in cling film and store it in the fridge for at least an hour.

And another tip: You can also combine the amount of water with white wine, i.e. you take 30 milliliters of both instead of 60 – this gives the shortcrust pastry a tangy note.

For the topping you will need these ingredients:

If you like, you can decorate the finished onion tart with fresh caraway seeds or grated cheese – a fresh lamb’s lettuce also goes well with it.

And one more tip at the end: The dish also works without bacon if you prefer a vegetarian version. You can find even more recipes here.

Enjoy your food!

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