Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has warned Germans not to turn away from democracy. “Yes, we long for clarity. Yes, it is justified to expect those responsible for politics to fight for the right path, but also to give answers that will help us as a country,” said Steinmeier in his statement this year Christmas speech.

Citizens are likely to expect Democrats to work together where the common whole is at stake. “Many people missed that. Some turn away, others complain about everything and everyone,” he said, according to the text of the speech distributed in advance by the Federal President’s Office.

Skepticism and worries

But when things get stressful in a democracy, there are “better advisors than anger and contempt,” warned Steinmeier. “Even better ones than those who act as if there is always a simple answer to the questions of the future. Good advice includes courage and cooperation.” This also includes keeping an eye on everyone. Steinmeier: “We can only move forward together, and not if everyone withdraws into their own world.”

This year the world has shown its dark side. There was suffering and destruction as well as hatred and violence. He called the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. “And since the fall we have watched with horror the atrocities of Hamas and the victims of the war in the Middle East,” he said. The year left many unanswered questions. Some people look at the state and politics with skepticism, some people are worried about the future.

Thanks to helpers

He wants people to be able to close the door behind themselves over the holidays and enjoy the time with their loved ones. His thanks also go to those who are on the move so that “we can all celebrate in peace and safety.” He named the police, fire brigade and Bundeswehr. “Or you, in the clinics, in the homes or in the facilities, who still care for other people today, for people in emotional distress, for people without a roof over their heads! Thank you for being there.”

There are millions of people who stand up decisively and courageously for others, who are committed to peaceful coexistence in a society of many. “And it is these people who encourage me. They bring warmth to our country,” said Steinmeier.

Next year, Germany will celebrate the 75th birthday of its own democracy. “Our constitution is something we can be proud of,” he said. And: “This foundation has supported our country well so far, even when things have become more difficult. And I am convinced that it will continue to support us in the future. And that is why I want to encourage us all to trust in this foundation. Let’s do it “We often realize that Germany is and remains a good country.”