Fallout TV Show Popularity Boosts Bethesda’s Earnings by $80 Million, Report Reveals

We’ve already reported in multiple instances about the overwhelming popularity of the Fallout TV show. The fact that it proved financially beneficial to Bethesda was inevitable following the incredible surge in sales of games like **Fallout 4**, **Fallout 76**, and even **Fallout New Vegas**.

VG Insights has now attempted to quantify the earnings derived more or less directly from the TV show’s renewed interest. They estimate that **Fallout 4** sold 2 million copies, earning around $22 million, while **Fallout 76** sold between one and one and a half million units, earning around $16 million. Then there’s the estimated **Fallout 76** in-game spend of $12 million.

VG Insights also expects that Bethesda earned a considerable amount (around $30 million) from just licensing the IP to Amazon for the TV show. The total estimate is, therefore, a respectable $80 million earnings boost following the launch of the TV series.

Notably, this total did not include **Fallout Shelter** revenue, which VG Insights reckons could be between 5 and 10 million. Moreover, neither **Fallout 3** nor **New Vegas** were considered at all in this analysis. The latter in particular did solid numbers, making it on the UK’s Top 10 monthly charts and appearing among the global best sellers on Steam for a while.

That means the grand total could actually be around $100 million. While it might not seem like an enormous amount, it’s worth reminding that it is essentially a free bonus for Bethesda, which did nearly nothing in terms of effort. That’s one of the reasons transmedia IP is labeled a big opportunity by many industry executives. For example, Embracer CEO Lars Wingefors recently praised the Fallout TV show for its performance in this regard.

Moreover, a similar windfall will likely take place for future launches, such as subsequent seasons of the Amazon Prime Video and the inevitable next installment in the game series (which Microsoft is said to be fast-tracking). All in all, it’s a resounding win for Bethesda and one that will likely reverberate for years to come.