A man in the USA is said to have killed a six-year-old boy because of his Muslim faith. The 71-year-old stabbed the boy 26 times with the knife and seriously injured the mother, local police said.

According to the police, the act was said to have been a reaction to the war between the Islamist Palestinian organization Hamas and Israel. The incident occurred on Saturday in Plainfield, a suburb of Chicago. The man should now be charged with hate crimes, among other things.

The suspect has not provided any information about his involvement in this “heinous attack,” police said. “Investigators were able to determine that both victims of this brutal attack were targeted by the suspect because they are Muslims and because of the ongoing Middle East conflict between Hamas and the Israelis.” Police did not provide any further information about how they came to this conclusion.

Ahmed Rehab of the Muslim organization Council on American-Islamic Relations in Chicago said the suspect was the landlord of the two victims and knocked on the apartment door. The mother then opened it. Rehab quoted text messages that the mother is said to have sent to the boy’s father. According to this, the suspect is said to say “You Muslims must die!” have called. The mother ran into the bathroom to call the police, they said. The suspect is said to have killed the boy in the meantime.