In the latest season of ‘The Boys,’ fans were thrilled to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan make his debut as Joe Kessler, a character pulled directly from the comics. Kessler, an old colleague of Butcher, shares his concerns and hatred of superheroes, making for an intriguing dynamic on the show.

Although Kessler is a relatively minor character in the comics, his role as a CIA analyst and a key source of intel on supes adds depth to the storyline. His nickname, Monkey, stems from a hilarious yet scandalous encounter involving two green monkeys and a brothel – a classic ‘Boys’ moment.

The chemistry between Morgan and Karl Urban, who plays Butcher, is undeniable as the two characters reunite after 11 years. Morgan describes their connection as being like two peas in a pod, despite their differences in appearance and acting style.

As the season unfolds, tensions rise among the characters, with sides forming around Homelander and Starlight. Sister Sage, the newest member of the Seven, is plotting a coup that could change the landscape of power within the show. Additionally, the revelation that season 4 will be the penultimate season has left fans eager to see how the series will conclude in the upcoming season 5.

Overall, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s addition to the cast has brought a new dynamic to ‘The Boys,’ and fans can expect more twists and turns as the season progresses. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in this action-packed series.