New task for Nadine Klein (38): The former “Bachelorette” will be seen on “Everything that counts” from the end of June. As part of a guest appearance, she will play a psychiatrist in the RTL evening series. “I shoot with colleagues who stand in front of the camera every day – every move is perfect, they are absolute professionals. I hope that I can also do my part,” says Klein happily in a statement from the broadcaster.

RTL doesn’t reveal too much about Nadine Klein’s role in the daily soap. The reality TV celebrity will be the psychiatrist Dr. Playing Paola Finkenberg. This has “made a name for itself both nationally and internationally with its studies on stalking.” In addition, the doctor probably has a momentous decision to make.

Nadine Klein is no stranger to acting. After graduating from high school, she completed musical training. According to the press release, last year she worked for several months at an acting school in Los Angeles in TV/camera acting. “Acting is therefore nothing new for me – in fact, after a break of years, I have finally decided to revive this dream,” explains Klein.

The Munich native became known in 2018 through her participation in the RTL dome show “The Bachelor”. In the same year she took on the role of “Bachelorette”. Since 2022 she has been working more as an actress and has appeared on, among other things, “X-Factor: The Unfathomable”. For her role in the short film “In Love, L.”, she received several awards at film festivals in 2023.