She successfully campaigned for topless swimming in Berlin swimming pools: the activist Lotte Mies was also attacked for it. “Some wish that I would be raped,” she told the German Press Agency.

Nevertheless, she plans to continue to campaign for women’s rights. “When it gets warmer, we want to start activities like picnics and hiking trips topless,” said the 33-year-old, who is involved in the “Same Breasts for All” initiative.

In December, Lotte Mies tried to swim in an indoor swimming pool in Berlin-Kaulsdorf wearing only swimming trunks. This was denied to her by the staff. She lodged a complaint with the competent ombudsman of a state authority.

It wasn’t forbidden anyway

In the meantime, the bathing establishments have made it clear that topless bathing should no longer become a problem for women. It wasn’t strictly forbidden anyway. In case of doubt, however, the bathing regulations were interpreted in such a way that “commercial swimwear” means covered female breasts.

Another case in Berlin had made headlines nationwide: in the summer of 2021, a woman was expelled from a water playground in the Berlin district of Treptow-K√∂penick because of her bare upper body. From the ombudsman’s point of view, this constituted discrimination. On their recommendation, the water playground supplemented its usage regulations.

However, a lawsuit against the state of Berlin for financial compensation under the Anti-Discrimination Act was unsuccessful. The Berlin Regional Court saw no basis for this in September 2022. According to plaintiff attorney Leonie Thum, an appeal was lodged against the verdict.