A hearty farmer’s pot is reminiscent of sweet childhood days with grandma. And grandma already knew how practical it is to throw all the ingredients in a pot to get a tasty dish on the table as quickly as possible. A hearty farmer’s pot with all kinds of seasonal vegetables, minced meat and potatoes is a “One Pot” recipe with a vintage character, which social media dubbed “One Pot” a good century later – and thus made it en vogue again.

Whether it’s en vogue or not – a farmer’s pot tastes good, fills you up, is quick to prepare and cooks itself. Another bonus: it’s ideal for using up leftovers. Everything that doesn’t run away quickly enough – or that can still be found in the fridge – goes into the cooking pot.

Potatoes form the basis, along with minced meat and plenty of vegetables. Carrots, peppers, zucchini or tomatoes are particularly tasty, and various types of cabbage, celeriac or pumpkin are also ideal for further processing in the farmer’s pot. If you don’t want to eat meat, a minced alternative, brown lentils or smoked tofu, is a great nutritious addition. It doesn’t need any more ingredients. Bon appetit.

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