A double-decker bus carrying high school students from Marburg had a serious accident in Sauerland on the way to England. According to the police, nine young people were slightly injured. The teachers who accompanied the school trip and the bus driver were uninjured, a police spokesman said. But many were shocked.

The bus with a total of 74 people on board suddenly overturned early Sunday morning on Autobahn 45 near the town of Wenden, it was said. He ended up lying on the side lane and a grass verge. The cause of the accident was initially unclear, a police spokesman said on Sunday. An accident investigation team is carrying out investigations on site.

Rescue workers treated the injured and disturbed young people on site. A short time later, another bus arrived to take the students and their companions away from the scene of the accident and back home. The school trip was canceled.

The bus was supposed to be uprighted and towed away on Sunday, the police spokesman said. The A45 was closed in front of the accident site and traffic was diverted. The closure was expected to last several hours.