A bomb from the Second World War came to light during dredging work in the port of Hamburg on Tuesday. It was defused on the spot late in the evening, as the fire department announced on Platform X.

Within the warning radius of 1,000 meters there was, among other things, a cruise ship with 2,600 passengers and a musical theater where a performance was running until 8:30 p.m. Theatergoers should go home normally. The ship’s passengers were asked to move to the side of the cruise liner that was facing away from the bomb, a fire department spokesman said.

Lengthy evacuation measures were not necessary. Then the adjacent streets were closed and defusing began. The exclusion radius, in which no one was allowed to stay, was 300 meters around the site of the discovery.

According to the fire department, the 1,000-pound English-design bomb was noticed by an attentive employee at the construction site when the excavator was dumping its excavated material onto a ship.