After a tip-off about a threat, the police cleared a Christmas market in Göppingen. A spokesman for the Ulm police said they received the tip at 7:40 p.m. and then decided to close the Christmas market quickly. “It all went off calmly, politely and without any problems.” The spokesman could not say how many people were there. “Bild” first reported on the incident.

In a statement that evening, the city of Göppingen spoke of a “threat of attack” against the Christmas market. “I am in constant communication with the responsible authorities and hope that the perpetrator can be caught quickly,” said Mayor Alexander Maier. The safety of citizens has the highest priority and we welcome the preventive evacuation of the market.

The police has started investigation. The police spokesman did not want to comment on whether it was a bomb threat. He initially did not provide any information about the further background to the threat, citing tactical reasons for the investigation. The police are on site with strong forces and are ensuring security. A helicopter was also in use in the evening.

They are also in contact with the city of Göppingen and the organizer. From a police perspective, the Christmas market could reopen on Sunday, said the spokesman. Mayor Maier also said in his announcement that it is assumed that the market will be able to reopen on Sunday. “Police and the city will take additional security measures if necessary.”