Today, around 800 emergency services are said to be searching for the missing Arian from Bremervörde-Elm in Lower Saxony, more than ever before. A police spokesman announced this. The helpers will therefore form a search chain. Ten drones should take off. At night, the search teams should avoid making noise in the hope that the six-year-old will then identify himself. The autistic man has been missing since Monday evening. Since then, hundreds of emergency services have been combing the boy’s hometown and the surrounding area. Bremervörde-Elm is located between Bremerhaven and Hamburg.

On Saturday, the emergency services searched again near Elm die Oste, a tributary of the Elbe. They traveled on the river in so-called sonar boats. On land, helpers walked the river. Additional emergency services combed the area between Elm and the municipality of Oldendorf. In the area, a dpa reporter observed around 30 Bundeswehr soldiers checking a pasture. They spread out in a line and searched the ground. Unlike Friday, the search was not focused on Elm.

On Saturday night, Bundeswehr soldiers searched for the boy with night vision devices. The soldiers should travel in small groups. It was discussed that the emergency services would remain silent. The operations management therefore changed its tactics: on previous nights, the helpers played children’s songs and set off fireworks. This was intended to get Arian’s attention. The police spokesman said the tactics were changed because the other approaches had not been successful.

The police spokesman said there was no evidence of a criminal case. The spokesman ruled out a possible wolf attack – there are wolves in the area. A wolf advisor from the Rotenburg district also considers this unlikely. Wolfgang Albrecht said there was only a danger in special cases, for example if a wolf felt attacked.