Elon Musk’s mother has posed in a swimsuit for the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine at the age of 74. Maye Musk is the oldest model to appear on the cover of the legendary publication. Maye is one of four women on the cover of this year’s issue, the others being model and businesswoman Kim Kardashian, 41; American singer and philanthropist Ciara, 36, and Dutch-Japanese singer, plus-size model Yumi Nu, 25.

The photographs were taken in Barbados, Belize, Montenegro and the Dominican Republic, “with models as diverse in their stories as in the locations where they have been photographed.” “At 74 years old, Maye continues to work every day to inspire those around her,” said SI Swimsuit Editor-in-Chief MJ Day.

“It’s certainly familiar to the women we’ve chosen to be our cover models: Maye, Ciara, Yumi, Kim. So in this issue, we encourage readers to see these models as we see them: multi-faceted, multi-talented, and sexy while they’re at it.”