Jose Enrique Cabrero is a journalist at IDEAL. He was honored with the honorable mention award of the 34th EL CORREO journalism Award. This distinction was awarded to the editor for publishing a report that he found a Granada woman photographed by Yan more than 50 years earlier.

The event was held in Bilbao, chaired and presided over by Enrique Ybarra (president of the Vocento Foundation). Other winners included Javier Perez Parra from La Verdad, journalist, who won second prize in 2020’s call, and Isabel Coixet, who received the highest distinction. The award was given to the filmmaker for his article ‘Know someone’, published in XL Semanal.

Cabrero was awarded the distinction and shared his story through social media. It didn’t happen by clicking a button. She recalled that months ago, she learned about the award and that it had taken so much time that, at first, she thought of the past. But, she said that she didn’t believe she would be alive. There was still a story to be told. I kept the couplet and stated: I’m going try. I knocked on many doors from neighbors, entertainment people, photographers… and all of them said: Ask Curro>>.

Curro Albaicin is “a miracle”, one the characters that add greatness to this story. He guards the history and heritage of Sacromonte, a community that was famous before outside Spain. Conchita La Carajarapa is his Sacromonte cave. Concepcion Pena Gumbez, bailaora was born in Sacromonte, in 1934. After pulling out her phone, one of Granada‚Äôs treasures, she discovered that she lived in Benalmadena. “Long Live Conchita!”

Curro said it “like someone who wins contest, it was very thrilling,” said the journalist. Curro writes in the Culture section and signs the Television Review on Sundays in all of the group’s newspapers. Although he called her immediately, he was in complete confinement and had to wait until he could visit her beach house.

Conchita La Carajarapa was a woman who occupied theaters across America, Japan, and France, as the jury noted. Kirk Douglas was seduced by her beauty, but she declined her invitation, even though he watched. Cabrero was able to tell a story that shined and for which he fought against the restrictions of the pandemic.