A man shot a group of people with a rapid-fire weapon in Serbia, killing eight of them. 13 other people were injured in the incident last night in the village of Dubona, 50 kilometers south-east of Belgrade, state news agency Tanjug reported, citing police.

The suspected shooter then fled the scene. The police launched a massive manhunt and found his whereabouts. A large number of police forces surrounded the 21-year-old man, it said. The action was still ongoing early this morning.

The attacked people sat unsuspectingly on a bench in the center of the village, according to the website of the daily newspaper “Blic”. According to this report, the perpetrator shot her from a vehicle.

Nothing was initially known about the motive for the bloody deed. According to unconfirmed media reports, a police officer and his sister were among the victims. Interior Minister Bratislav Gasic went to the scene of the incident that night. He described the act as a “terrorist act”. At first he didn’t go into detail.

Serbia was shaken by a massacre in a Belgrade school on Wednesday. A 13-year-old student had shot eight classmates and a security guard. The police then took him into custody. Due to his age, the perpetrator is not yet of criminal age in Serbia.