Each Zodiac Sign’s Love Horoscope For June 6

The energy of new beginnings keeps coming as the New Moon in Gemini builds upon the influence of the Venus Star Point. While you are being encouraged to set your sights on a new beginning, this is also about finding a healthier sense of balance in your relationship. It’s not about all or nothing, but instead finding the confidence to create what genuinely resonates with your own needs because the best love is the one that brings peace to your life.

**Aries** You don’t always need to choose, dear Aries. You have both a soul and a human body. You have needs and also dreams. When you can hold space for both parts of yourself, you can also attract a partner who can fulfill both, as well. This begins within yourself, though, as you deepen your acceptance and let the balance you create within radiate into your romantic life.

**Taurus** Reflect on the risks you’ve taken in your relationships versus the times you chose what was easy or most comfortable. The balance you seek right now as you prepare for your new beginning is understanding that comfort doesn’t always mean security. You will have to take risks in order to follow your heart, but the rewards will always outweigh any fears.

**Gemini** You are exactly as you are meant to be. Even if you’ve often felt misunderstood or even underappreciated, you are still more than enough for the person who is willing and able understand the language of your soul. It’s not about changing, but rather about reveling in who you are and gaining comfort and confidence, which can transform your relationship. Because when you have accepted your whole self, you will attract someone who can finally do the same.

**Cancer** There is a balance between knowing when to speak your innermost thoughts and when to keep them to yourself. You have a depth that, at times, may intimidate others. But this part of you is so beautiful that it deserves to be shared! Sometimes it’s not what you say that ruins relationships, but what you keep to yourself. Allow yourself to open and embrace more of that balance as you share your deepest desires and dreams with your partner.

**Leo** Love is more than actions — even more than how it looks to the outside world. Love is a way of life (if you can lean into it being so). But that also means allowing it to be what it is. Don’t feel like you must always explain what love is or even have a practical approach to it. Embrace the magic, the mystery and synchronicities to help you know that regardless of where this journey leads, it’s one worth taking.

**Virgo** Instead of looking at what’s next, focus instead on the present moment. Even if there are aspects you need to change or heal, let yourself be here now. Focus on all that you feel — not just the list of to-dos for your dreams or to progress the relationship, but the gratitude and the way it feels when you’re curled with your partner simply breathing. Bask in this, because while the future is important, so is the moment you’re within.

**Libra** There are many diverse kinds of relationships. The most beautiful aspect of this is that you actually get to create what resonates with your soul. You get to decide what kind of relationship you want — which also means there are no rules to follow, only your heart. Let yourself create not just independence, but interdependence as you trust that space for self-exploration in your relationship will only deepen your connection. When you are both allowed to grow in your own direction, you will always find your way back together.

**Scorpio** Anything is possible, truly. You are incredibly sensitive and anyone who knows you can see just how much your heart yearns for love. But you need to find a balance between embodying all you’ve learned and still believing in the magic of love. Let this be the start of your new beginning because you are confident in who you are and in the divine way the universe works to bring you exactly what is meant for you.

**Sagittarius** You can always find a fresh start in your romantic life, whether you’ve been together for years or just started dating. The newness and excitement you crave is something you can create where you are. But to do that you must release some of that old baggage you’ve been carrying in your heart, especially the parts where you hold guilt or hurt from the past. Let yourself believe that you can have it all — when it’s with the right person.

**Capricorn** You may have to explore the spaces between having healthy boundaries and vulnerability as you continue growing in your romantic relationship. This doesn only mean boundaries with your partner, but also those you put in place to protect your relationship. Learn where you need to lean in or even sit back and receive. Boundaries don’t only need to be walls — sometimes they can be soft so that what matters most to you can still get through.

**Aquarius** In your heart, you already know the truth. You know what you deserve and what you are willing to compromise on. But you also understand that you can’t sacrifice that for anyone, even the one that you love. Instead, you must be firm in what you want in a relationship and what you are willing to be flexible on because your truth is also what creates the love you desire.

**Pisces** You may have recently felt challenged in truly trusting that a new connection is different than any relationship in your past. This is normal, dear Pisces, as you learn that often, one of the most important lessons is to receive the love you’ve always deserved. But you are here in this moment because of all you’ve been through and because you are ready to open your heart and take a chance on love again.